Micromanometer KPDM-1


KPDM-1 is a portable digital measurement device that consists of control unit and primary sensing element connected with each other by 1.5 m electrical cable via connector.

KPDM-1 has builtin function to to compute gas flows speed (0.4…70 m/s) according to the value of the dynamic pressure – so you get two measurement devices in one.

KPDM-1 can be shipped with optional temperature sensor, that is supposed to be connected to the device instead of main sensing element. Device recognizes the plugged sensor type automatically.

Design description

The primary sensing element is a ø6 mm pneumometric Pitot-Prandl tube, that is rigidly connected by pneumatic channels to a micromanometer. This design allows you to get rid of the use of rubber hoses and, as a result, from the pneumatic signal jolts when moving these hoses. The micromanometer also functions as a handle, with which the sensor is held in the required position.

The advantage of the Pitot-Prandl tube is its high mechanical strength and the ability to use in air flows with high temperature (up to 500 ° C), high speed (80 m/s) and dustiness. But the Pitot tube has a drawback – it is not recommended to perform measurements at flow velocities below 4 m/s due to a decrease in the measurement accuracy. This drawback is fixed In KPDM-1. High sensitivity of the device (0.01 mm Hg) is achieved due to the design and a special patented pneumatic signal processing algorithm.

Measurement procedure

  1. turn the device on;
  2. select measurement mode: static or dynamic pressure;
  3. put the edge of primary sensing element into gas flow; 
  4. press “M” (measurement) button;
  5.  the measurement result will appear on the display within next 1.5 s;

Pay attention, there is no need to manually do “zero” setting – device handles that automatically.

Static/dynamic pressure:

  • Measuring range: -400 … +400 mmH2O;
  • Accuracy: 5%;

Air/gas flow velocity:

  • Measuring range: 0.4 … 70.0 m/s;
  • Accuracy: 5%;

Air/gas temperature:

  • Measuring range: 0 … 300 °C;
  • Accuracy: \bf{\pm(1+0.02 \cdot t)} °C;